EasyBib School Edition

Strengthen your students’ research and writing skills by providing a framework for critical thinking and research management.

EasyBib enables students to think critically during the research process. ResearchReady creates a foundation for strong research and writing skills. Together these tools can prepare students for 21st-century critical thinking and writing.  Sign up for a free trial to the right and request more information about ResearchReady when you're contacted.

Students are struggling with 21st-century critical thinking and research skills. They are overwhelmed with too much information and struggle while navigating the writing process. EasyBib School Edition supports students in their research process.

With EasyBib School Edition you can:
  • improve your students' critical thinking skills
  • effectively encourage plagiarism prevention
  • teach website evaluation, an essential research skill

It's important for students to support their ideas with research. EasyBib School Edition provides students with the tools to enhance critical thinking skills and research habits. 

Concerned about implementation? Our in-house librarians have created a professional development course to help you and your colleagues integrate our platform into your instruction.

EasyBib School Edition gives your students access to MLA, Chicago and APA styles and a feature-rich, ad-free experience. Use EasyBib to:


Easily cite 59 different source types


Create digital notecards and dynamic outlines


Embedded links provide direct access to your library's resources

"Our students have made some great strides in using this in their research process over the last year...Teachers are noticing better researched and better organized final papers."

— Cathi Howell, Library Director, Lincoln Academy (Maine)

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